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KTIMEL Vetrinary Services Worknet was founded in 2002 by 71 certified veterinarians working all around Greece. Within a few years KTIMEL has managed to establish a wide network of collaborators throughout Greece, including certified veterinary scientists and other members.

Worknet Identity

Worknet Name Veterinary Care of Greece
Trade Name KTIMEL Worknet
Registered Office 59 Saxtouri, Patras
Registered Office Telephones (+30)2610362277, Fax (+30)2610318311
E-mail ktimel@ktimel.gr

KTIMEL Vetrinary Services Worknet invests in the development of the necessary infrastructure to coordinate and support the action of the veterinarians. It aims at:

  • providing the most reliable and multi-faceted veterinary services.

  • increasing the participation of veterinarians in livestock production and in the production of livestock products and foods of animal origin.

  • supporting veterinarians in the care of animal capital, in the management and growth of livestock production, in the safety and hygiene of foods of animal origin.

KTIMEL Vetrinary Services Worknet possesses all the necessary network applications, and encourages the creation of Networks of Interdisciplinary Collaboration. KTIMEL also promotes the development of a framework of common action between members of the company, collaborators, and scientists, in the exercise of their activities, that is, in the collection and processing of data concerning the reliability and the documentation of the veterinary and interdisciplinary intervention.

KTIMEL supports the new enterprises of the scientists who are registered members of its network. It imposes the terms of collective business action in the provision of health inspection, veterinary and zootechnical services. In addition, the company is responsible for the marketing of relevant – to the aforementioned activities – products.

KTIMEL Vetrinary Services Worknet contributes in the growth of applications and mechanisms of guidance, as well as, in the increase of livestock production and market of food, taking always into account the well-being of the consumer and the protection of public health.

KTIMEL Vetrinary Services Worknet is open to any company that wishes to collaborate with us, as long as the latter respects our business standards. Our company encourages the effort of its collaborative scientists when they do business in the primary sector and, also, in the chain of production and supply of food.

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